Thursday, April 1, 2010

American Quilter Magazine: Jinny Beyer

One of the earliest influences on my quilting was this book by Jinny Beyer:

I swiped that image off Amazon's website.  I bought the book back in the 80s. I used to buy her fabric. The first time I won anything, a gift certificate from a quilt shop, for $50, I spent it on long  quarters of Jinny Beyer's fabric. At that point, fabric was cheaper, so I got a lot of it.

American Quilter Magazine has a lovely article about Jinny, with a quick biography of her. And then an article about mixing two blocks in a quilt. I enjoyed seeing that very much. Jinny is interesting to me, because she was overseas, away from other quilters when someone introduced her to quilting. She had to pretty much find her own way, using Indian fabrics instead of American calicos. Her quilts are marvelous. I found my way to my current quilts through studying Amish quilts, and Jinny's quilts and all kinds of traditional quilts.  Jinny's still appeal to me very much, as do the Amish quilts.

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