Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School Day 2

The day started out with a breakfast reception for the Prior Degree students. And just like they said, I am not the only one my age to be doing this. The reception was held in the Sullivan Galleries, which is an open space in the Sullivan building. There are white walls with art installed, but to me, with a construction background, it looked like an office floor that was in the midst of being renovated. The floor is concrete. The first work on the right looked just like piles of carpet sample to me, without my glasses on. Turned out they were laser cut towels and other fabric elements in stacks. I obviously need to spend more time in the gallery.

The rest of the morning and a good portion of the afternoon were spent in a ballroom with presentations by the department heads. We were told repeatedly that SAIC is different from other art schools, and I'm excited about that. Not that I even have a clue what a "regular" art school is like.

With 3200 students, it's certainly not like being at Purdue with 30,000. No Big Ten football team or anything.

The last event that I attended was the presentation on critiques. Very interesting.

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  1. What an adventure, Robbi! I will follow your experience with great interest!
    You are doing what many of us want to do!