Sunday, August 12, 2012

A few shots of my studio

Here are some pictures of my studio.

The wall units are a combination of Ikea Stuva and Ikea Besta. The Besta units come in many more combinations than the Stuva, but the Besta doors were not what I was looking for. I discovered that the Stuva doors would fit on the Besta frames.

So, below are three Besta 25 x 25 x 75" high frames. With three sets of Stuva doors.
I could have saved some money buying wider Besta units, instead of three narrow units, but it was easier to get these home. (In my Prius) And I had to build them on my own, so the narrower units were doable. I used those furniture disks under the units to maneuver them in place and then I left the sliders under them.

You can see two more sets of Stuva doors, those are one two 25 x 25 x 25 units, I meant to buy shallower, but I bought those. 

The purple boxes on top are from ikea too, Skubb. They come in purple, white, black, at least for now, in many different sizes. They are made out of fabric, and the bottom zips open or closed, so you can collapse them. I used the Circle die from Accuquilt, to cut out some circles to use as tags. Stray fabrics land in the containers, one has lamé, another has silk, one has scraps. 

I also have this amusing clock. It is not from Ikea. I ordered it from Pamela Allen, the designer.

Years ago, I bought two of these units. At ikea. Of course! They were meant to be shoe storage. And the green doors reverse to be blue. Depending on my mood, they can be bookshelves, storage for Accuquilt dies as they are here, printer stations. Etc. The did have short plastic legs, but without the legs, the unit fits under an old dining table. Ye olde dining table is cherry, it's gorgeous, and I got it at Carson Pirie Scott, as a clearance item. It's 36high, 40x72. And there is a leaf that I can't lift. You can't see the table in this picture, you'll have to trust me that it exists. You can see one leg of it here. I have covered it in multiple layers of ironing board cover fabric, felt and canvas, so I can iron on the whole table.

This is from ikea too! From the kid's section. It was about $5. It's meant to hold a roll of paper, but I took a bolt of Wonder Under off the cardboard, rolled it up and I keep it on my worktable.
I hope you found that inspirational!


  1. I love these ideas Robbi! And the colors too! That's a great way to store and dispense Wonder Under. Do you wrap your fabric around cardboard to store it?

  2. I don't wrap my fabric. I just fold it. The top two rows and the outer sections of fabric are 4 yard pieces.

  3. Thanks for sharing the pix with us! I love the colors in the room. You painted the csbinet doors green? I have Ikea shelving in my studio, too, although I have no idea what they're called because they're old. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I love your sewing room! That roll of wonder under is one of my favorite things! :)

  5. I have a bunch of IKEA shelving and storage too - Expedits, Billy bookcases, Alex carts, etc. While in the store two weeks ago I kept looking at the paper roll storage/cutter thingy trying to think of a reason I needed it. Now I know. Guess it will be on my list for my next visit.
    Thanks for sharing the ideas.
    Robin, so. IN

  6. Cindy: the doors are green in the first place, Stuva. They come in pink, blue, green and white in this style and there are a few other styles that are wood colored and white. Emily, I missed you in the workshop Saturday. No fusing, but it was fun. I learned a lot. Robin, thanks for writing.

  7. As soon as I get out of the Air-boot/cast I'm gonna go scouring for the kids' craft paper dispenser and see if my MistyFuse bolt fits!!!! BRILLIANT idea! And of course I love the lime green doors! Thanks for sharing (and yeah, I'm this far behind on QA digests). Last but totally not least... WOOT CONGRATS of making the cover of the Quilt Life!