Thursday, February 11, 2016

Current quilt

I started this quilt several years ago, from a pattern used in my workshop, Art Deco and Flower Fused Components

I worked on it during Chicago Modern Guild retreat one year, and lost a section! There is supposed to be a band between the Greek Key section and those pointy petals. I made corrections to the work in progress before I realized the initial mistake. (I found the missing pieces and figured out what had happened.)

Anyway, I kept working, declared the top finished and started quilting. Then I took it off my longarm in order to work on another project. I decided instead of continuing to quilt it as is, I'd fix the parts I wasn't happy with, and THEN, instead of quilting, I'm going to do some thread painting over some of the pieces. First I will mount the finished top on my longarm (APQS Millie) to do the thread painting. When I done/bored with that, I'd remount it with batting behind it, then quilt it. I truthfully don't think this will take much longer than quilting the life out of it in the first place, as the thread painted areas won't need quilting.

Here's a picture of the top as it was this week, I was working on that gold band:

I've added some gear shapes, I've shared those shapes before. I think they are becoming my logo...