Friday, March 18, 2016


So this quilt, Kenophobia, won Best Wall Quilt at the American Quilter's Society show in Daytona Beach, FL in February.

Since this was a big award, and it was Florida, and February, I decided to go down there to see my quilt in the show. Normally I don't do that, but the prize was big enough to get on a plane, change into my sandals and attend the show for a few days.
Brian came along, he was reluctant but I told him he could fish on Saturday.
Here's a picture of me standing by my quilt:
Shortly after that, I moved around the corner to look at someone else's quilt and two women walked by my quilt and one of them said something on the order of "you never know what the judges were thinking". Which I thought was hilarious (I think that quite often about other people's quilts, so I don't mind it at all when someone says it about mine. )Brian's eyebrows went up and I mouthed at him to be quiet and not say anything.

And then he had to spend Sunday with me, as the quilt show was closed. So we hung out on Daytona Beach during the day, and then at night, we tried to watch the Spacex rocket take off from Cape Canaveral. BUT they scrubbed it twice, the first time, because a boat had wandered into the verbotten space surrounding the launch and then a second time, because the delay caused by the boat allowed something to heat up. In the meantime, we kept running back and forth from our hotel room to the beach while I was checking the countdown on my iphone.

Then we came home in time for a big snowstorm. Of course.