Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wonder-Under is more greener

The folks at Pellon are so good to me. Every year, they send me boltage of Wonder-Under to use for my own work and for my teaching. I love Wonder-Under and use it in all of my work. One thing that was annoying me was the plastic instruction sheet that is wound on the bolt along with the fusible. It annoys me to deal with it and it's plastic, something I'd rather limit to places I have to use it.

So, I'm very happy to see that now Wonder-Under instructions come on a lightweight recyclable paper printed with green ink.

Now I can start thinking of uses for the paper. I don't think it's will be usable as a cover sheet, the way the paper on the Wonder-Under itself can be, since they specifically prepare that, but it will come in handy for note taking while I work on quilts.

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