Saturday, August 18, 2018

Here are some new pictures of my studio, #305 at the Hotshops Art Center in Omaha.

I love clocks, and for some reason and really happy when I have a whole bunch hanging in the same place. My daughter Samantha is an enabler and not only encouraged me to buy these, but arranged them close to the door of the studio.

Sam arranged all my rotary cutting rulers as a gallery wall too. These live in the far corner of the studio, where Sam has taken over the corner for her own creative activities. 


I was standing near the door looking down the studio towards the window. The room is about 45 feet deep by 15 feet wide.

 The working wall is in progress. Since I'm still in the design stages of my next quilt, I decided to hang some quilts for now. I'll also be hanging quilts outside the studio, but the walls are being painted now, so I have to wait a bit. We're making progress!