Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the first entry actually about something

This quilt is called iCandy 2.0.

(Here's a hint, don't put a decimal point in the name of your quilt, it makes it harder to save files named after the quilt.)

This quilt will be in the IQA World Of Beauty contest in Houston, for Quilt Festival.

It's about 70x70 inches.

It was the first in a series, of wheels. I've been wanting to make some quilts with portions of a round design. Not the whole circle, but with sections cropped.

The second quilt, also second in the series, is on the cover of the current AQS Magazine.
And I have another two quilt tops made, using this concept, one of them about 40x54 inches, the other is much bigger.

And I'm working on a few more. I haven't been doing the quilting lately, just the making of the tops. All of these are fused, using my own hand dyes.

I'm going to be posting more about the construction and design method of these quilts. I think it's like working with polar coordinates, instead of a rectangle...


  1. Hey!! Welcome to blogland, Robbi. I'll be checking back to see what's up and I expect it will be an adventure. These two pieces are spectacular - and daunting!
    See 'ya.

  2. Loving the cropped circles ... can't wait to hear more about the construction and design!

  3. welcome to the blogosphere Robbi, for someone who likes to talk is much as you do, it is amazing you have held out this long! :)

  4. Beautiful work, Robbi. Look forward to following you here!

  5. I love your wheel designs. They are gorgeous! I am looking forward to learning about their construction.