Monday, August 31, 2009

what I'm knitting

Here is a block from the Lizard Ridge Afghan on the Knitty website. It took one skein of Noro Kureyon yarn.  The designer of the afghan adapted it from Barbara Walker's Learn to Knit Afghan Book. The block uses short rows to make the lumps. I can "knit back" from the right needle to the left, instead of turning the work, so I like doing stuff like this. Also, I'm not good enough to knit big stuff, so I like little projects. I figured I could knit the blocks for the afghan, it takes 20 or maybe 21, as I went along.
 I knitted two blocks and then found a knitting shop in Grayslake. My friend Kathleen and I went to a knitting party there, and of course, I had to buy some yarn from them to knit while we were there. It's the only way to be polite. The shop doesn't carry Noro, but they have a similiar yarn, Poems. I bought four skeins of that, in two different colorways. (So, two skeins of each color). I the pattern repeat is 14 stitches, with each block being 43 stitches across. I like to make bags, so I cast on 126 stitches (9 repeats) and knitted it in the round. I had to convert the pattern a bit, to knit in the round. 
Then when I was done, I felted it in my sink, by hand. All the bumps laid flat.
Here's what four skeins look like.  Of course, at this point,  I had to do it again, but bigger, and using Noro. I have a lot of skeins of Kureyon, in different colorways, in the bottom bag, I used 3 colorways, ten skeins altogether. And I knitted in a strap, since I never get around to sewing them on. I haven't felted the bag yet, here it is all big. I'm not sure the straps will end up working correctly, they are sitting in the middle of the front and back sides of the bag.

Now that I have mastered short rows, I think I'm ready to knit some socks.


  1. WoW, Robbi! I really like this bag! I do love to knit (socks are really quite fun, by the way). Is this your own pattern adaption? I like the bumps! - Gale