Thursday, August 20, 2009

Project Runway Special Challenge

Before the Project Runway Premiere, they had a special All-Star Challenge, with 8 designers, and a prize of $100,000. I enjoyed it, it was perfect for short attention span watching.

I thought it was ludicrous when Santino declared the serger broken because he'd broken the needle. That's like saying your car is broken when you need to refill the gas tank. No way should it have been such a big deal to replace a broken needle. Anyone who has been near a sewing machine can change a serger needle, it's the same thing. And hey, most of us who use sergers can change TWO needles. Now, rethreading them, that's another thing. If I ever start sewing clothes again, I want one of those sergers that shoots the thread through a pipe with air, so you don't have to thread it.

And what was the deal with Chris? Did he sleep through the whole season when he was on there? I don't remember that, but I didn't watch that whole season. I think the guy has sleep apnea. OR maybe he stayed up all night sewing, and then had to nap during the day. If I was on Project Runway, that's what I'd do. Except for me, it would be dangerous, because when the models are there for fittings, I'd have to stand on a ladder, not the best thing to do if you are sleep deprived.

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  1. I didn't even like the winner's clothes. I thought there were several that were better than his. But that's just me. My fashions are not hip according to their standards. Didn't you love what the runner up did with her restaurant dress?