Saturday, August 15, 2009

Time Traveler's Wife the movie

Brian and I went to see the movie today. It was excellent. If you have read the book, bring a lot of kleenex. Well, maybe you should bring some even if you haven't read the book.

I thought Eric Bana was an excellent Henry.

I sat through the credits in case Henry showed up at the end of them, but he didn't. So you can leave right when the credits start rolling.



  1. Looking forward to seeing this. I loved the book! My daughter and I saw Julie and Julia yesterday and recommend it highly! Always so many good summer movies.

  2. I loved the book so much, so did DD and DH. I'm worried the film won't live up to the book.

  3. I loved the time travelers wife and was so afraid like so many transitions from book to movie that it would fall short. I am so glad to hear that you didn't think so.

  4. I hope they didn't change the ending. It is one of the few books that made me cry. Tragic -- but anything less wouldn't be right. I wouldn't see the Horse Whisperer even though it had Robert Redford because they changed the ending.