Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quilt Design: A ring of Greek Keys, around a flower

Here is the center of a quilt. In real life, the outer circle is 50" across. I've scaled it down to put on the blog. In real life, the drawing is very crisp. I'll describe how I designed the flower another day. Today, I'm going to show how I add a ring of Greek Keys. This quilt will be made up of a series of concentric rings going around the flower, to make a wheel.

I use Adobe Illustrator to make the drawings.

So, here's the center of the wheel, the flower, and the circle that defines the outer edge of this ring.

I want to have 28 segments, each containing a portion of a Greek Key going around the circle.
Here we have the outer circle of this ring, and the outer circle of the flower. (The purple ring just above, but I've turned it white so you can see the start sitting on top of it. ) This star has 28 segments. I'm going to tell the computer to divide all those shapes up.

Here I've divided the shapes up. The yellow segments are the ones I want to keep.
I've erased all the rest of the drawing, except the two yellow segments, and those cones. The cones, for now, help me make sure the segments are the right distance from each other, to rotate around the center and form a ring.
I have a file called "spiral tile" that contains this square drawing you see of a rectangular tile for a greek key. I'm not going to cover drawing the key today either. Here you see the two segments, filled with that greek key. The computer made that big rectangular design fit into the wedge. I used the "envelope" tool for this.

Now I tell the computer to rotate the two segments around their center and I have my ring.

I bring the center flower back and center it in the ring. I'll keep adding rings until the wheel is big enough. My next ring will have some form of petal shape. At least that's what I'm thinking right now.


  1. Welcome to blogging. Be aware, this can be addictive....

  2. Thank you so very much for sharing this process. Watched you on Simply Quilts years ago...still have a rerun of the show recorded on my DVR. You are so talented as well as opinionated, LOL.
    Keep up your fabulous art.

  3. Thanks for sharing your process, Robbi. I took your still life class at MQX a few years ago. I loved it, but I still haven't finished the quilt. :(

  4. Wow! How cool! Now to find time to play with this too!!! Maybe I could just learn to get by with 2 hours sleep a night! Just think of all the creations we could make!

  5. Love seeing how you progress through the design. Thanks for sharing.